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Date: May 19, 2013
Project Title: Wellness Program for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Anytown, USA
Responsible Manager:
Project Manager: Week #2: Week #3: Lawinda Week #4: Lou Week #5: Steve Week #6: Bob Week #7: kim Week #8: Kim
Yes ☒ No ☐ This project will take more than 500 labor hours?
Yes ☐ No ☒ This project is a one-time effort (will not occur on a regular basis)?

Project Type: ☐ Technology | ☒ General Support | ☐ Quality | ☐ Legal | ☐ Market Share | ☐ Process Change | ☐ Cost Reduction | ☐ Replacement | ☒ Customer | ☐ New Product | ☐ Capacity | ☒ Other |

Project Definition:
We are going to develop a Wellness Program for the children serviced at ten (10) local Boys and Girls Clubs in Anytown, USA. The concept of our project is to have the serious issue of Childhood Obesity addressed and to encourage children to make healthier decisions within their own lifestyle. Our mission will be to align our goals with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s goals. Those goals are: to provide children life enhancing programs and character development experiences, giving children a safe place to learn and grow, develop ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals, and to provide hope and opportunity.
Goal Definition:
Our goal is to implement a wellness program using the management of the Boys and Girls Clubs and to have the management roll this program out to the children they service. The program will address exercise though group activity and healthy eating choices. In addition, the program will utilize the space and resources there to minimize operational expenses. Local restaurants and gyms will be invited to help with the nutrition and physical activity segments of the program. In addition, local management can help maintain and recruit the…...

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