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Freud’s Theory of Personality:

Personality has three structures:

The Id (unconscious): Consists of instincts which are an individuals reservoir of psychic energy.
The id is totally unconscious and disconnected from reality.

The Ego : The demands of reality (when children experience the demands and constraints of reality). “This is wrong, against law”

-Called the “Executive Branch” of the psyche because it uses reasoning to make decisions.
-REALITY PRINCIPLE. Ex: (What to do without getting arrested)

The Superego (mostly unconscious): The moral branch of personality.

-Takes into account whether something is right or wrong. IT IS OUR “Conscience”.
-Imposing social values
10% mind = conscious thought
90% mind = unconscious thought

Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual Development:

We develop 5 psychosexual stages: oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital stages.
-In each of these stages he believes we derive pleasure in one part of body more than others.
-These parts of the body called “Erogenous Zones” and are associated with sexual pleasure.

-Thought our adult personality is determined by the way we resolve conflicts among these early sources of pleasure - The mouth, anus, then the genitals - and the demands of reality. WHEN these conflicts are not resolved the individual may become fixated at a particular stage of development. Ex: Parent might be too strict in toilet training a child.

Oral Stage: Occurs during first 18 months of life in which the infants pleasure centers around the mouth(chewing, sucking, biting).

Anal Stage: Occurs between 15 months and three years of age during which the child’s greatest pleasure involves the anus or the eliminative functions associated with it.

Phallic Stage: Occurs between the ages of 3 and 6; name comes from latin word phallus = penis. Pleasure…...

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