My Approach as a Writer

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My Approach as a Writer

My Approach as a Writer
Kamala Buck
English Composition- ENG 115 Proffesor Brinda Surendar Strayer University May 26, 2013

My approach on writhing is something that I’m really not too sure of. I feel that me as a person I have a very unique approach on writing I tend to write what I feel write off of emotion. However for this class I will like to learn how to be a more creative writer, I writer that will be able to grasp my readers and hold on to them so that the can feel the words of the story that I am telling them. I want to be able to through this class express myself as a writer as well. One of my biggest goals that I will like to achieve out of this class is being able to communication more effectively. I have been told that I tend to run on and on with subjects and not stick to the point when writing so I really want to work on that in this class. One way that I expect to use writing will be in my professional career I tend to one day have my very own nonprofit organization for kids who have parents that are recovering addicts. So this writing class with will be able to help me with writing out proposals and other documents that I will need to summit to companies to help with the funding for my organization. One way that I set goals for myself is that I put it into my head mentally that this is something that I will like to achieve and what I want done. One of my biggest challenges when writing for others is did I make everything clear enough for the reader so that they will be able to understand what I’m saying and did I make my point clear enough. So as you can see I have a lot of work to do and goals to accomplish with this class I will work my hardest on getting this…...

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