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Jasmine K. Smith

September 13, 2012

Reflection Of My Eating Habits

First, I understand that my eating habits are not the best and I would love to change them. I do not eat according to the USDA food guide recommendations, because I never really paid attention to it and I am hardly every home so I always get food on the go, but I would like to start eating by it. Eating healthier is much better for you then always eating fast food and fried foods.

Second, to make my diet better I would drink and use more low fat milk. I would cut back on drinking caffeine, because drinking a lot of caffeine can cause blockages and it can even cause cavities. I would better fit my diet by eating more starchy vegetables like green peas or green lima beans and stop eating junk food. I would not eat junk food because it can make you obese. I would use less salt and add spices, herbs, garlic, vinegar, or lemon juice to season foods or use no salt seasoning mixes. I would also try black or red pepper.

Third, eating healthier is always better than eating unhealthy. Since I am not eating healthy and I love to eat fast food and fried foods like hamburgers. Fries, and fried chicken and fish, I would take steps to make my eating habits healthy. The steps I would take would eat more fruits. Maybe for lunch or for a snack I could eat a fruit salad. The next step I would approach is choosing meat like pork or chicken and eating them twice a week. I would eat more grains like wheat bread when I eat a sandwich. Calcium would be a must in my diet. I would not just drink milk when I eat cereal. I would try to drink it at least twice a day once in the morning and once at night. My next step would be to take my time and eat. I used to eat fast when I was at work, but now I would take my time and eat slower. Limiting myself to smaller portions or food is a…...

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