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Study Skills

My experience in study skills is one to remember. I have learned many things about how to strengthen my study system. The first step in doing this is to deciding to choose success in college and in life. By doing this one must first do different strategies to be successful, for example one must find a few friends to form a study group and learn how to deal with diversity. Know where to find help and get involved. This class has also taught me how to motivate myself to learn. By doing this one must know their strengths and weaknesses and find a learning style that works for that individual person. Also, for example, if one already has a learning style and a teacher uses a different style, that person must them learn to adapt to that teachers learning style. Lastly one must develop critical thinking skills and study skills in order to be successful.
The learning experience has also taught me how to think critically and creatively. In order to succeed in this process, one must first learn how to examine their assumptions and make predictions. Secondly, one must sharpen their interpretations and then evaluate what they learn; this will also help in making college life a successful one. Third of all, one must know what they want to achieve in their future and set goals for themselves. If goals are not set then a person does now have a guide to what they want to achieve in their life. One must also learn problem solving, this in turn will aid in life’s tough decisions. To do all the steps listed in the sentences above, one must first set goals for success in college. It is very constructive to have long-term and short-term goals. Having these kinds of goals helps a person to stay on track with what they want to achieve in the near and distant future.
As the class went on, persons discovered more and more ways to develop their study…...

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