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Frontline workers are those that actually use the safety devices and could be staff nurses or charge nurses, for example, not management staff that do not use these devices. Everyone starts out with a job at or near the “bottom rung” of the career ladder; initial positions are often low paying, low level of decision-making required, repetitive and/or part-time positions. These first jobs are often “front line” jobs and require the following skills and abilities in order to do the job well:
This chapter involves review of previous studies and researches carried out which were found to be related to this presently. Detailed review of literature was carried out to cover the following study areas as shown:
- Organizations
- Management
- Motivation (Reward) and its theories
- Relevance of motivation (reward) on productivity.
Organization can be defined as two or more people who work together in structured way achieve a specific goal or goals.
Organization can be defined form diverse perspectives. According to Scott (1981) these are there perspective for defining organization these are:
1. Organization as rational systems.
2. Organization as natural systems.
3. Organizations an open system.
Organization as Rational Systems:
The definition of Organizations as a rational system emphasizes two major characteristic of Organizations.
a. Specification of goals
b. Formalization of structure.
According or Barnard (1938) “formal Organization is that kind of cooperation concision of men that are conscious l deliberate and purposeful Scott (1981). Defines an Organization as a collectively oriented to the pursuit of relatively specific goals an exhibiting a relatively highly formalized social…...

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