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随着定位技术的发展,定位服务、导航服务已经越来越为人们所熟悉。人们 开始逐渐抛弃纸质地图,使用电子地图。车载导航仪、手机导航软件的应用越来 越广泛,使用电子导航逐渐成为了出行的习惯。而在有些情况下,导航仪的用户 需要沿着特殊的自定义路线进行行进,而沿着路线行走本身便是其目的。在这种 情况下,则需要自定义路线导航。 本次设计基于 Android 平台,编写了自定义路线的手机导航软件,以实现自 定义路线导航功能。通过显示地图、显示定位位置、错路提醒、关键点提醒等功 能,帮助用户在自定义路线行进的情况下,找到正确的方向,顺利到达终点。 一个鸡蛋的暴走活动是自定义路线导航软件的一个典型应用。针对此活动, 我对软件进行了优化。导航软件在活动中取得了非常好的效果。 关键词:定位服务;自定义路线;导航软件;百度地图 API



With the development of positioning technic, LBS applications are widely used in our life. The traditional maps are gradually disappeared and electronic maps are used instead. The electronic maps like vehicle navigators and navigation apps makes a new style of navigation. However, these won’t work in special conditions, such as custom routine. That’s the reason the custom route navigator is needed. I designed a custom route navigator application on cell phone based on Android OS. It can display the map view and current location, alarm when the user arrive some given places or go wrong. This application will help the user arrive the terminus as soon as possible and keep them in the right ways. This application is used in a charity activity “the rampage of an egg”. I optimized this application so that it can be more suitable for this activity. Finally, it got a big success. Keywords : LBS, custom route, e-navigator, Baidu Map API



摘 要............................................................................................................................ 1 Abstract .......................................................................................................................... 2 1.绪论............................................................................................................................. 5 1.1 论文选题的背景及意义 ..................................................................................... 5 1.2 研究的目标及研究内容…...

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