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“Mamaya Na”: Ningas Cogon Attitude of Filipinos and the unrestrained choice for Procastination

In Partial Fulfillment in the Course History 101 in the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City

Presented to:

Lady Ochel Espinosa
University of San Agustin

Dr. Rowena Isidro
Chairman, Social Sciences Department
University of San Agustin

Dr. Isidoro Cruz
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
University of San Agustin

Presented by:

Aira Jane Marie B. Panerio
BS Tourism Management 2

September 2012


This paper explains the reasons why we should study the history of the Ningas Cogon Attitude of Filipinos and the unrestrained choice for Procastination.
Definition of terms:
Ningas Cogon-

We often hear the term“ningas cogon” in Filipino culture. At times, it is often used when describing news headlines, current scandals, or Filipino traits. But what does the term really mean? And where did it come from? How does it actually occur in Filipino culture, and why?
Definition of ningas cogon or procrastination
The term “ningas cogon” is actually derived from the word cogon, which refers to cogon grass, a tall, green, thin type of grass that grows through large fields and easily catches fire. Because cogon grass is thin in texture, any amount of flame brought close to it can cause a quick and wild fire. The next thing you know, you are left with an empty field of dead and burned grass. The reason people use the term ningas cogon is because it refers to the fact that people show fervent interest in a new topic (like the wild fire), but also lose interest just as quickly (like the cogon grass that burns out rapidly). Oftentimes, people describe ningas cogon as procrastination, as it refers to the fact that people tend to show immense interest in new topics, and then procrastinate by failing to follow through with the…...

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