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Exercise 3.1.1 What would happen if wireless devices were not governed by the Wi- Fi Alliance and each vendor had its own standards and protocols? What impact would this have on your personal life or business communications?
There would be too much interference going on. There would be no control of the airwaves that wireless networks adhere to. Since we are so focused on the technology that we cannot live without, it would be very frustrating and the technology would not work properly.
Exercise 3.1.2 Give another example of a model that is used to visualize something that is difficult to observe or perceive. How does the model make it easier to understand?
You would need all of the above devices to make the network operate properly.
Exercise 3.1.3 Based on what you already know about networks, what are the different layers you think would be necessary for communication to be mapped to a model? Consider direct connections between host devices and connections that require other routing equipment, such as a hub, switch, or router.
Data Link, Physical, Application, Network, Transport
Exercise 3.1.4 The granularity of the reference model will often determine the usefulness of the model. What will happen if a model is too general? What will happen if a model is too granular (too focused on individual detail)?
If the data is too detailed, it may overlap with other information. However if the datais too general, then there may be crucial information missing.
Lab 3.1Review 1. Why would a three- layer model of communication that has the layers physical, network, and application be insufficient to adequately describe network communication?
Because of the fact that you still need to describe how the data is packed and communicated through the communication.
2. What is the history of the OSI reference model? How did it come about and why was it created? Use…...

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...NT1210 Lab 3 3.1.1 If wireless devices where not governed by the Wi-Fi alliance it would make it hard to communicate hardware and software between different machines. That would mean cable providers, cellphone providers, and internet providers would all have to use their own Wi-Fi frequencies. Without the WI-FI alliance it would be to hard to manage day to day life with all devices not being able to share hardware and software. Also there would be no real security so it would be easy for someone to hack all of your information. 3.1.2 A model that is used to visualize something that I would use is power points. It is easier to explain something to someone when you break down the information into slides and show key points. Power points make information easier to understand. 3.1.3 Data Link Physical Application Network Transport 3.1.4 If the model is to general then you wouldn’t understand it. If the model is to granular then the data would begin to overlap itself. Review.3.1 1. The data wouldn’t be filtered correctly so there would be connection errors. 2. (OSI) started in the 1970s, with a lot of progress on individual standards in the 1980s, and with vendor products appearing by the early 1990s. It was created to compete with TCP/IP. It broke everything into layers and each layer provided facilities to the layer above it and below it. 3. (TCP)/IP resulted from research and......

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