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Obesity has quickly become one of the biggest health threats within Australia, It is estimated that 14 million Australians are considered obese or overweight, that is 64% of the population (Measure Up, 2008). Small behavioural changes are the easiest to achieve using a social marketing campaign; people who may have only slightly let themselves go recently are easy targets for behaviour change. Understanding that everyone has their own reasons for their behaviour is the key to changing it (Strand, 2008). Catching people in a transitional point in their lives can make it much easier to effect change in behaviour.
For example a person who has had a rough few months at work, started eating poorly and stopped exercising will be more likely to notice and respond quickly to a social marketing campaign like measure up as they still have some link to their healthy behaviour. This makes it easier to effect change as these people still have a predisposition to act healthy, although not the target audience overall this group is easily effected by such a campaign and would help prevent them from falling deeper into negative behaviours leading to future health issues such as obesity. It is mostly about appealing to peoples values.

Those who have strong egoistic values are the easiest to facilitate change in behaviour, these people are motivated to remove harm and suffering from oneself and will be more likely to behave a certain way if the results serve their needs (Paul C. Stern, 2000). Targeting a message that outlines self-harm and gives suggestions on ways to remove said harm will be very successful as majority of people have some form of egoistic values. These values can be reached by providing a level of education within a social marketing campaign, education serves to communicate information and build skills that will allow people the chance to take this…...

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