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OL vs. LO
Porschia Phelps
September 6, 2009
Organizational Learning

When asked to define learning a mundane response to this inquiry would be that learning is simply the acquirement of knowledge. But as a seasoned marketing/management student I can confidently say that a definition of that caliber doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the components and concepts that are present when providing a suitable definition of learning. As a marketing/management student I have quickly learned that when discussing the subject of learning there are many aspects. In looking into these many facets of learning we begin to find room for various outlooks and debate. Among the areas that have been indentified are the subjects of Organizational Learning and Learning Organizations. Though to the general public these two subjects may sound the same deciding to make the same exact assumption of their meanings would prove to be the wrong assessment to form. Although these two maybe closely related they both possess their own definitions and notions. Because of their possession of their own concepts there is room for discussion and deliberation. It is within these two subjects that we also find much opportunity for comparing and contrasting.
Review of Literature
Before you can fully begin to form a view point on the subjects of organizational learning and learning organizations you must first have a complete understanding of what these ideas are and also have an understanding of the components that each of these subjects possess. It is only through complete comprehension one can truly begin to form an intellectual view point. So before I can fully begin the task of comparing and contrasting these two notions I must first acquire the knowledge that is a prerequisite for this task. This is why because of my lack of knowledge on these two…...

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