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One Step at a Time

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One Step At A Time
Haven’t you ever noticed how things were so much easier when we were in kindergarten? You could go up to someone, share their chocolate milk, and immediately become best friends. When you were angry, you could just scream and stomp your foot but try and do that now and you’re sure to get some stares. If you liked that little girl or boy you sat next to, and they offer to share their crayons, you are in heaven. If you are angry at someone, you could threaten not to be their friend, and they’d immediately say sorry. There was no “start thinking about your future” thing either. You didn't get grounded or have your phone taken away from you, you just got a minute in the bad kid chair and that was it. Back then, life wasn't looming over you like a hawk.
As we grow older, the pressure just builds up on us. We are expected to do the best we can to accomplish a lot of things like having high grades in school and being a dean’s lister when we reach college, and when we graduate, we are expected to land a good job immediately. And because of these, we tend to rush things and do them all at the same time. Maybe that’s why old people are so worn down. People always try to make something out of everything. They ask questions such as “Why does the sky have to be blue because of gases in the atmosphere?” and “why can't it simply be blue?” Then there are times that we ask the question “Why can’t be things be easier for just a little while?”
It's true that we do need to think about our future and we do need to prioritize. But still if you keep on worrying about those kind of stuff,there's a tendency that your life will be dull and will be filled with stress that comes with rushing things and trying to accomplish all of them in just one strike. With these, we tend to neglect the other aspects of our life like our family and our social life which somehow makes our life more difficult than it seems.
What I'm trying to make out of this is that we don't need to rush because it will only make our life more complicated than it already is. You don't have to do all of them at the same time, you're not a superhuman and you have your limitations. If you try to exceed your limitations, you're guaranteed a life that's more complicated than it has to be. All you have to do is pause for a little while to look how's your life and try to be on the right track. You just have to take one step at a time,take things easy just like when we were kids and you're sure to reach your destination.…...

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