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Viability of Product Coal Mine Dragon Chinese is a small family run restaurant located in Fountain, Colorado. The majority of their income comes from the direct-to-consumer sale of entrees prepared at time of order. Their most popular items include cream cheese wontons, mongolian beef, cashew chicken and szechuan chicken. The company takes pride in the fact that all of the recipes used to create their dishes have been passed down through many generations. This adds a unique twist to their food preparation and helps to separate Coal Mine Dragon Chinese from the competitors in the area. They also try to use notably fresh and locally grown produce whenever possible. The company operates very basically, and has hardly any type of online presence other than a few customer reviews and a contact number for the facility. Currently the company’s customer base is very local. While the amount of revenue Coal Mine Dragon Chinese brings in currently is comfortable for such a small business, they hope to expand further into the surrounding cities, state wide and one day internationally.
Sales have remained steady, but there is evidence that the company may be able to increase revenue by adding an online operation. This relatively inexpensive form of expansion will also serve as a form of advertisement to new potential customers (Belew & Elad, 2009). Currently the only advertisement used is word of mouth and positive customer reviews posted online. While this form of advertisement can create a positive image for the company, it can also be relatively limited in the area it reaches. It also doesn’t provide a way for Coal Mine Dragon Chinese to respond to customer input in a timely manner. Creating an online operation will allow many different people to learn about the company as well as give new and current customers the opportunity to view the menu ahead of time,…...

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