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Topic: Tips for college students

My Thesis Statement: The reason students succeed in college is because time is spent in pursuing grant/scholarship searches and use tips for keeping expenses down.

I. Going back to college tips A. Benefits and tips for going back to college 1. Tips for making an academic plan 2. Tips for defining educational goals

B. Future career tips 1. Tips for opening more career doors 2. Tips for boosting salary requirements

II. Tips for scheduling classes and job performance A. Tips for how many courses per semester 1. Study tips 2. Time management tips for studying

B. Tips for how much time for work 1. Tips for job performance 2. Time management tips for working III. Grant and scholarship searching A. Grant searching tips 1. Where to search for grants tips 2. Tips for setting aside time for grant searching

B. Scholarship searching tips 1. Tips on where to search for scholarship 2. Tips for setting aside time for scholarship searching IV. Tips for bringing expenses down to barebones with a strict budget

A. Tips on getting utilities and phone bill down to barebones 1. Tips on how to talk to utility company about levelized pay agreements 2. Tips on how to lower phone bill

B. Tips on shopping and lowering gas consumption 1. Tips on shopping for groceries and necessities 2. Tips on how to lower gas consumption

Reference Page Entry

Blake, K. Controlling college debt (1998, October). Vol. 81 Issue 10, p2, 1/2p.

Consumers' Research Magazine, 81 (Issue 10), . (Teacher comments: Extra…...

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