Pakistan Contribution to Global War on Terrorism

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IPRI Journal XIII, on 1 (Winter 9/11 Pakistan’s Contribution to Global War no. Terror after2013): 37-56


Dr. Hidayat Khan∗
Abstract Pakistan’s contribution to the “War on Terror” far exceeds its strength and size. Pakistan lost more than 35000 lives to save American people from another 9/11 attack. Pakistan’s economic loss amounted to 67 billion US dollars but still the US is not satisfied with Pakistan’s performance and pressurizes it to “Do More.” In this situation what should Pakistan do as a sovereign state? At the same time what is the international community’s responsibility towards Pakistan as a partner in this global war? The United States (US) and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) have been fighting against the Taliban for the last decade but the war is nowhere near its end. This study is an exploration of the question whether war is the solution or the problem?

Key Words: War on Terror, World Response, Pakistan’s Contribution, Operations, Agreements.



akistan has always played a constructive role in the United Nations (UN) — it is one of its largest net troop contributors and its active role in the solution of world issues is internationally recognized. It borders three major strategic regions; South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East, and its geographical proximity to Afghanistan has made it an important partner of the United States. Pakistan has played a significant role, both during the Cold War and as a non-NATO member in the US-led “War on Terror” against al Qaeda and the Taliban. After 9/11 terrorism became a serious problem in international relations. It was the first time in recent history that the US had been confronted with such a huge disaster on its own soil. Maintaining internal security and protecting its global interests became a…...

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