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Paradigm Evaluation of Learning Environments Carolyn Gantt
EDA-575 Educational Leadership in a Changing World
September 25, 2013

| |Paradigms Belief |Opposite Paradigms Belief |
| 1. Planning strategically |Education is important because it provides |Due to limited finances schools are force to work |
| |learning, structure and safe environment |with a Skelton staff forcing teachers to take various|
| |for students. |job responsibility decreasing the ability to effetely|
| | |protect the school environment. |
|2. Managing conflict |Administrator who assess whether or not |An environment of conflict is administrated with the |
| |they give credibility to individuals and |lack of respect of staff and stakeholders. |
| |groups whose values an opinion may conflict| |
| |with staff effectiveness in working with | |
| |teachers and staff to solve problems | |
| |(Green, 2009). | |
|3. Maximizing communication…...

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Beliefs may be hard for me to deal with difficult people or say no to someone who is trying to pressure me into doing something, I know that I always have to do the right thing. Being raised the way I was taught me that it does not matter what everybody else is doing; I should be doing my own thing. I want to keep up my good character and continue to make this world a better place by becoming a leader, stepping up, and making a change in someone’s life. It is my choice to make the right decisions and refuse to fall into peer pressure or conform to the typical stereotype. Being real and honest with myself is the easiest way to maintain character and integrity and do the right thing or, more importantly realize when I did the wrong thing! My beliefs in doing the right thing and treating others the way I would like to be treated help me evaluate my friendships and respect others’ feelings. When my character helps drive decisions it makes it easier to do the right thing. On the other hand, when peer pressure influences decisions, usually someone gets hurt. Character should be the meaning for every idea or thought we put into action. If character and the golden rule were everyone’s motto, this world would be a happier place....

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...Paradigm Operational Opposite paradigm Operational An educational leader promotes the success of every student. Educational leaders use data to monitor the progress of every student in their schools. Educational leaders do not promote the success of every student. Many students including minority and special education students continue to be left behind in the educational system. A positive school culture and a good instructional program are the key to student learning and staff professional development. Students learn best in a positive school culture with teachers who are nurturing and supportive. A positive school culture and a good instructional program do not always guarantee that students will learn and staff members will develop professionally. Many schools have a staff of highly qualified professionals with a positive school culture but students continue to lag behind due to their socioeconomic status. Motivating and rewarding students and staff members are fundamental to student learning and their success at school. Students learn best and staff members work better when they are provided with positive feedback and incentives. Motivating and rewarding students and staff members are not always fundamental to student learning and their success at school. The federal government has allocated a great deal of money and programs to motivate students to learn and encourage school districts to hire the best candidates yet the United States still lag......

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