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Case Study: Coca-Cola in India- 1. First of all, Americans and Indians use different language. Because of this, sometimes Coca-cola might make some mistakes or Indians might misunderstand what Coca-Cola wants to convey to them.

In addition, unlike Americans, most of Indians are poor; water might the only beverage which they can drink. Therefore, they don’t care Coca-Cola improve the quality of the coke bottle or not. They only care their water.

Finally, there are different ways and styles of communication in each country. Americans’ communication styles are more direct. However, Indians are conservative and indirect.

2. First, Coca-Cola should apologize for the destroying of underground water in India, and then do some compensate for the villagers, such as spring water or other marketing strategies in that area like PepsiCo did.

Secondly, find ways to solve the problem because Coca-Cola still needs the market in India. Promise not to destroy environment anymore. It is very important to MNCs to built good reputation.

3. Firstly, Coca-Cola should change its style of advertisement to fit the Indian culture.

Furthermore, the package can add some Indian cultural factors to show Coca-Cola pays more attention on Indian market.

4. First, Coca-cola and PepsiCo can offer a low price to the market of developing countries and conduct some activities during these countries’ traditional festivals. These strategies can show how willing they are to attend the market.

Additionally, they can set up some foundations to help the countries which have some environmental issues or help the developing countries to build their…...

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