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1 Learning through reflection

2 Reflection is an active process whereby the professional can gain an understanding of how historical, social, cultural and personal experiences have contributed to professional knowledge and practice (Wilkinson, 1996).

Duffy (2007) believes that reflective practice is an active deliberate process of critically examining practice where an individual is challenged and enabled to undertake the process of self-enquiry to empower the practitioner to realize desirable and effective practice within a reflexive spiral of personal transformation.

Learning is derived from experience but it doesn’t just happen. For it to take place you not only need to engage in reflection you must also record it. By thinking about what you are doing and why you are doing it is what turns your experiences into meaningful learning. If you are to become a reflective practitioner you have to use that learning to increase your professional knowledge and skills to the benefit of not only yourself but also to your patients / clients.

Why Reflect

Reflection is really a process that begins with looking back on a situation, pondering over it, learning from it and then using the new knowledge to help you in future similar situations. Reflection, which is learning through experience, is not a new concept. As humans, we naturally reflect on our surroundings and experiences. However, the conscious, deliberate and ordered process of using reflection as a learning tool in our professional practice is much more challenging. It is a complex activity that requires the individual to develop a set of skills required for problem solving (Moon, 1999).

Reflection, therefore, encourages us to become aware of our thoughts (intellectual) and feelings (affective) which relate to a particular learning experience or area of our practice.

Students and…...

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