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Perfect Love Paper
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Perfect Love Paper Billy Graham is a nationwide known evangelist. Sensing his need for further understanding he had studied what the bible teaches about the person and the work of the Holy Spirit. He believes solemnly that the Holy Spirit is our only trusted source and any reliable analysis of the person and the work of the Holy Spirit must be biblically based. He explains that man has two spiritual needs; the first one being forgiveness and the second goodness. Whether consciously or unconsciously his inner being longs for both. He also indicates that God has heard our cry for forgiveness and answered it at Calvary. God sending his one and only son into the world to die for our sins that we may be forgiven. This is a gift from God of salvation. To the great gift of forgiveness God also adds the great gift of the holy spirit, Indicating the holy spirit meets our needs to escape from the miserable weakness that grips us, giving us the power to be truly good(Graham, 2002). Powell describes the doctrine of entire sanctification to be the idea of love. Love is our union with another being. Our love for God is our union with God and participating is his Trinitarian life. To fully love God we have to be fully immersed in God’s life that our identity is changed. To love God we have to have God as an integral part of our life that a return to the world of sin would mean the disruption and fragmentation of the new self that God creates. How wonderful it is to understand that concept, once you are awaken from your sleep you are alive to a world which is now dead to you, but now you are created in a different way to where you understand life in a new way. Perfect love is a love that is unmixed (Powell, 2008). This means that we participate in a life of imitating Christ,…...

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