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Anti-Drug Legislation Matrix

Complete the matrix by selecting three states to add below Federal. Then, answer each question listed in the first row for each corresponding law.

| |Is marijuana |What are the |What are the | |What is the blood|Is there extreme DWI or DUI? If|
| |illegal? Marijuana |penalties for |penalties for | |alcohol level for|so, what is the punishment? |
| |is illegal in all |possession of |possession of heroin?| |a driving while | |
| |three states. |cocaine? |Washington DC Heroin | |intoxicated (DWI)| |
| |Currently the three |Both misdemeanor and |is a highly addictive| |or driving under | |
| |states are in the |felony possession |drug. Because of | |the influence | |
| |process of adapting |convictions require |this, possession of | |(DUI) | |
| |a new law that |proof that the |heroin is classified | | | |
| |considers purchasing|defendant knowingly |as a Class C | | | |
| |marijuana in 2016. |and intentionally |felony charge. This | | | |
| | |possessed the CDS. |means it carries up | | | |
| | |Misdemeanor |to 5 years in prison | | | |
| | |possession |and fines reaching…...

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