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How to retain proficient employees

Prepared for Mr. John Schuler Director Human Resources Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Prepared by David Payne Keiser University Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

July 15, 2010

INTRODUCTION Many years a person would go through school, get a job, work at the same company for 40 years and retire to enjoy the golden years. Today that is no longer the norm (Lofton, 2006). The gold watch is no longer enough enticement to stay with the same company. Part of this might be because of the nationwide lay-offs that occurred across America during the recession of the 1970’s. At that time many people lost their positions, their benefits and their pensions. The national workforce realized that the loyalty they had been raised to believe in was not extended by their employers when the time came to cut losses and run. From that point forward employees began looking out for themselves and now it is not unusual to receive training in one environment, and then move on to another company for a little more pay, or perks and then later move again (Lofton, 2006). One of the largest problems facing the national workforce today is the retention of good employees. Recently this company has begun to lose a number of valuable employees to competing companies and industries. The importance of retaining employees who are proficient in their job skill sets cannot be ignored. “Retaining key employees is a number-one problem. A solution will mean more profitable and effective organizations, happier and more productive employees, and more satisfied client/customers. Losing employees also is expensive. Studies have found that the cost of replacing lost talent is 70 to 200 percent of each lost employee's annual salary. There are…...

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...Personal Ethics Statement HCS/478 June 12, 2012 Personal Ethics Statement Ethics is defined as the standards of behavior developed as a result of one’s concept of right and wrong (Judson & Harrison, 2010 p.9). As I reflect on my up-bringing, I remember my parents teaching me the differences between what is right and wrong. As a result of this learning experience, I discovered my conscious, my inner self that tells me I have done something wrong or right. This feeling comes in the form of a nagging voice that tells you things are not as they should be and it does not get better until you make changes. As a child, my grandparents owned a pastry shop and wood yard. My grandmother made cakes, pies, bread, pastries and sold other items in their store. I learned at an early age not to bother things that did not belong to me after eating the profit from the store. I would be place on restriction or some form of corporal punishment, depending on the severity of my infraction of the rules. My family were firm believers in “Spare the Rod, Spoil the child” (Proverbs 13:24, KJB). I was raised by both my parents and paternal grandparents. As a child, I witnessed my grandparents taking care of family members during illness and end of life times. When my grandparents were in their golden years, my parents took care of them. This caring gift did not only extend to the family, they took in a neighbor when his family could not care for him until it became......

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