Personal Internet Based Email Policy

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Employee Handbook 2013
Personal Internet Based Email Policy

Over the last few years the use of email has become predominant in society and most people have multiple accounds. As technology has advanced it has become easier to access personal email from anywhere, especially through the use of internet based email. These internet based email services offer great ease of access; however, they also make it easier to enable the delivery of malware and virus’s into the company infrastructure and must be used with care and awareness. The Personal Internet Based Email Policy lays out the guidelines adopted by Richman Investments in this regard.
These guidelines determine the expectations of personal conduct by Richman Investments personnel while engaging in the use of Personal Internet Based Email from Richman Investments computers and networks.

Employees will be held accountable for any malicious software, virus, or spyware downloaded or inserted onto Richman Investments computers or networks from a personal account.

Richman Investments employees who choose to access Personal Internet Based Email will be held to high professional standards. Personal Internet Based Email accounts can be a useful tool to help our employees maintain a work life balance, however, if used incorrectly or abused, can be detrimental. If there is any confusion in regards to online behavior, refer to the suggested guidelines below before accessing these accounts and in regards to downloading from these sites or sites linked in emails to these accounts.

DISYS’ Guidelines
The guidelines set forth in this Personal Internet Based Email Policy are expected to be upheld by all Richman Investments employees in any Personal Internet Based Email service, such as Yahoo mail, Hotmail, gmail. These guidelines also apply to any other not mentioned…...

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