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If you do not deliver personalized service that is significant to the customer, then someone else will. In a bid to satisfy clients and give excellent service, personalized customer service is a concept used in most business-oriented organizations. Some organizations rate the customers as king; this drive is to ensure the employees give excellent service, so that the customer will not only come back, but also refer others to do business. The primary goal of any business entity owner is customer retention and satisfaction.
According to the 80/20 rules which states, “Business studies have shown that 20% of a company's customer base usually makes up 80% of their business sales” (Davis, 2012). In that light, businesses must provide that competitive advantage that sets them apart from their competitors, especially in this era, where imperfect competition is on the increase. A recent trend in customer service is ensuring that the customer leaves happy with goods and services rendered, while improving on actions required in meeting customer’s demands through feedback and criticism.
The aim of this report is to investigate and elucidate on the importance of personalized customer service and the impact it will have on my proposed small business. To determine this, the following questions will be analyzed. 1. What is the impact of personalized customer service? 2. How do other businesses provide personalized customer service? 3. How have other businesses profited from adopting personalized customer service? 4. Are there hidden costs when implementing personalized customer service?
What is the impact of personalized customer service?
Major studies have shown that businesses that offer personalized customer service have a larger…...

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