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Persuasion is a procedure aimed at influencing someone’s or a group’s attitude, beliefs or behavior. This type of convincing could be done by expressing information, a message or feelings by using written or spoken words. Persuasion takes strategic planning. We have learned about the seven most popular persuasive strategies used in our daily lives. I never realize how much persuasion is used every day. We see it a lot in marketing and advertising daily. Everyday someone is trying to persuade us to buy an item on TV, radio or signs. Or vice versa we try to influence our peers to do something or feel some way.
Many times in my life I have been in situations which involve the persuasion of Reciprocation. I’m going to show that we are always inclined to repay another person with a kind gesture. My part time job is babysitting for a family every day after school and occasionally when needed. One of my experience of reciprocation happen last year right before spring break. I was exhausted studying for midterms and working and trying to get my stuff ready for my trip. The last day before my trip the husband handed me my paycheck and a nice envelope with my name on it. I opened the envelope and to my surprise there was a gift card for $60 and a note wishing a safe trip. I was so excited that I gave him a big hug and thanked him several times. By the time I got home I was so overwhelm that I took time and wrote them a thank you note. As we can see in this situation I felt so obligated to repay their kind act by sending them a thank you note even after I already thanked them in person. Their kind gesture triggered a feeling of reciprocation. I also feel an obligation that in the future if they ask me for a favor their chances of me agreeing is much higher
Another common form of persuasion is to Ask Large to Get Small. In reality I have been tricked many times…...

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