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The company where you work has become successful. Started by a motivated entrepreneur and his partner, your company now has just over 200 employees and is still growing.

The owner wishes to support some kind of philanthropic program and asks you to conduct research and report back via email with your brief recommendation of TWO (2) POSSIBLE philanthropic programs/charities to support. He wants to present these two possibilities to the leadership team, and he wants WELL-ANALYZED options that the team can discuss.

ASSIGNMENT—READ CAREFULLY, this has changed from the previous semester’s assignment:

I. Your assignment is to investigate possible philanthropic organizations and projects that you think your company should support.

II. Choose TWO (2) of these and analyze how they might suit your company’s mission and values—and how they might motivate employees to get involved. Your owner wishes to make his corporate philanthropy much more meaningful than just giving money.

III. WRITE a persuasive, concise, and businesslike e-mail to the owner, making a strong and convincing case for your two (2) choices. Make sure you support your recommendations with specific evidence as to why these are strong, viable, and positive choices for your company (e.g., how financially efficient they are—how much of every dollar goes to their programs; how these fit the type of work and/or culture of your business).

IV. On a separate sheet, write out a one-paragraph description of your business—what it does, where it is located, etc. Provide enough information so your instructor can see how you tied your company’s work and culture powerfully to your choices of philanthropy. Your company summary sheet MUST be stapled to the front of your proposal and…...

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