Philippine vs. Anglo-Saxons Short Stories

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Ma. Gretchiela G. Gabral R71
Comparative Analysis of Philippine and Anglo-Saxon Short Stories It could not be denied that the early Philippine short stories in English were influenced by the Anglo-Saxon. The Philippine short stories had evolved from the earlier literature of fables and folk tales and adapted the elements of the short stories of the Anglo-Saxon. The Philippine and Anglo-Saxon short stories were alike in many ways. I found “Dead Stars”, the first Philippine short story in English as equally interesting as “The Storm” although the pace of the story differed in each. Both stories were able to present thematic ideas with the use of the setting “storm” and the symbolism “dead stars”. While the storm seemed to be the driving machinery of the events that followed in “The Storm”, the dead stars on the other hand seemed to be the closure of the events in “Dead Stars”. Both left an equal effect of wonder. That effect of wonder had always been present whether it was Anglo-Saxon or Philippine short story. The authors of these short stories were able to use profoundly the elements of a short story. Anglo-Saxon and Philippine Short Stories also had similarities in terms of character development and world views. The conflict in each of the characters of the short stories supported the flow of events that happened eventually. Emily in “A Rose for Emily”, pressed by the image of her coming from the elite family, led her to kill the man she loved who could not possibly love her back. Badoy and Agueda’s disillusionment from love in “May Day Eve” proved that their love for each other wasn’t as strong as they had thought. Both short stories coming from a different classification of literature were able to make the characterization of the story complement the plot or the flow of events in each story. World views or perspectives…...

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