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The purpose of this paper is to respond to philosophical questions in numerous categories. First I will address metaphysics which deals with what is and is not real. Secondly, epistemology addresses the study of knowledge. Next, I will discuss ethics and the right and wrong of different scenarios. Further, in the category of aesthetics, I will delve into the idea of beauty. The role of government will be discussed in political philosophy. Finally, I will talk about my beliefs concerning social philosophy. PHILOSOPHY 201
IP UNIT 1 When pondering the questions outlined in the instructions for this assignment, I found the metaphysics section to be one I was comfortable with. Soloman & Higgins (2010) state that an individual who is religious accepts that God is real and everything else flows from Him. I am in complete agreement with that statement. As I was struggling with my coming of age, I questioned “what is real?” In searching for the answer to that question, I came to realize that everything is real and a creation of God. Being a Christian, I just accept this in faith and do not look any deeper into it. I believe the physical and psychological world is just as real as the spiritual world. Without question, everyone has a soul. While we are alive and inhabiting this physical world, the soul does not exist outside of the physical body. However, once the physical body dies, the soul then moves into the afterlife, which in my belief, my soul will enter into Heaven. It is my belief that God made us in His image and instilled in us free will. Nothing happens in our life by fate, it happens by the will of God. I hesitate to think what we would do or become if our lives were determined by fate. Epistemology is the study of knowledge and justified belief. I can remember as a child I was very inquisitive and always asking my Dad questions. He…...

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