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Initially, how did Renee Kershaw choose to use her pizza operation to compete with off-eateries? What were her competitive priorities?
To compete with off campus eateries, Renee Kershaw had conducted surveys to determine customer need and market trends. The surveys show the student was not satisfied with the food services. That’s why the student consumed food off campus. In response Renee Kershaw had made several changes to improve its operation and compete with off-campus eateries. Below are several initial strategies that have been made by Renee Kershaw to her pizza operation.
Expand the menu at the grill
Most commonly reason student consumed food off campus is because lack variety in food offerings. In response Renee Kershaw decided to expand the menu at the grill to include pizza. However Renee Kershaw had limited the combination of topping available. So that a standard pizza could be preassembled and ready to cook as soon as an order was received.
Delivery service
The analysis from the survey show, 44% student consumed food off campus. Renee Kershaw measure to overcome this situation is to include a delivery service that covered the entire campus. Now student can have food delivered quickly to their rooms and the tight, erratic schedules that did not fit with cafeteria serving hours had been resolved.
Location and space
The pizza operation was allocated at the grill and space was allocated to store pizza ingredients, to make cut-and-box pizzas and to stage premade pizzas that were ready to cook. This location was suitable as it is walking distance from the classrooms, dormitories and supporting amenities, rather than student had to drive to go outside campus.
It’s is not efficient and practical to cook pizza at the grill. Renee Kershaw had installed a pizza oven in the grill. This way Renee Kershaw can overcome the demand of…...

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