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|Plain English Examples |Appendix B | |
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This appendix contains “before” and “after” examples from participants in the Division of Corporation Finance’s plain English pilot. The Division’s staff added marginal notes to show how aspects of the plain English rules apply to specific documents.

These annotated examples are excerpted from the booklet, Before & After Plain English Examples and Sample Analyses, prepared by the Division

of Corporation Finance. Although we revised the presentation and wording of the marginal notes in this appendix, the filings remain identical to those from the booklet. To get a complete copy of the book-let, please call the SEC’s public reference room at (202) 942-8090.

Differences between the proposed and final amendments to Item 501

When the issuers prepared these documents, they relied on staff interpretations for filings in the plain English pilot and the proposed amendments to Item 501.

The following information was not required under Item 501 as proposed, but this information is required under Item 501 as adopted:

• the market(s) and the trading symbol;

• the underwriter’s over-allotment or similar option, if applicable;

• a prominent cross-reference to the risk factors section including the page number;

• the following on a total and per share basis, if applicable: – the price to the public;

– the underwriter’s discounts and commissions; and

– the net proceeds the issuer and selling shareholders receive.

Examples for illustration purposes only

We are providing these examples and marginal notes only to illustrate the principles of plain English. We…...

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