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The primary sources in survey research come from three major components. They are, sampling error, measurement error, and specification error. When sampling error becomes a problem it is usually because the population is irrelevant to the question at hand. Either the chance for a purely random sample has been skewed because not everyone in the population had an equal chance to be chosen for the sample or response rates have made it hard to have a truly random sample. Defining the universe is also a major component of sampling error. When conducting a phone survey you always run the risk that the same person will answer the phone in every home, usually the mother. To avoid surveying the same group of people from each house hold (i.e. middle age women), you must implement a line of questioning that will lead you to another member of the household. Another problem is that many people refuse to take the survey once they are contacted; this is where call back come into play. It is crucial that the interview sets up a callback to the residence that refused the survey. Over the past several decades refusal rates have been on the rise, and it has been found that response rates to surveys directly correlates with their participation in politics. The more involved the citizen the more likely they will be willing to respond to your survey questions. Another major risk in sampling error is the disclosure of sampling information. News stations have a much lower chance of producing a truly scientific poll because of their need for something fast and fresh before their competition gets ahold of similar information. This has led to less than scientific polls on a daily basis, although in recent years there has been a crackdown by some networks and newspapers to conduct polls more accurately.
Measurement error is even more common than sampling error, the way the survey is…...

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