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Practice Set for Chapters 1,2,3
Please answer all of the following problems by typing the numerical solution into the space provided beneath each question. You will want to review the solutions to the similar end of chapter problems before attempting the problems below. I have attached an Excel file with the solutions to the end of the chapter problems under the reading quiz tab – (found with the chapters). Thanks

1. An investment will require a $2.4 million cash outlay to enter and will generate perpetual cash inflows of $135,000 a year. Investors could earn 8 percent elsewhere by taking the same risk. Will this investment generate an economic profit?
The annual economic profit is _$192,000_.

2. If an investment is expected to return of 9.75 percent in the future, a $300,000 investment will grow to how much in 20 years?
The answer is _$1,928,465.32____.

3. To buy a retirement home, you will need $270,000 at the end of 16 years. If funds can be invested at an effective return of 8 percent a year, how much must you invest today to have the needed amount?
The amount needed to invest today is __$78,810__.

4. You decide to max-out your annual investment into your Individual Retirement Account and invest $5,000 at the end of each year for the next 22 years. You are frightened by the recent two market declines in the last 12 years and decide to invest in a bond portfolio expected to earn only 4.2% annually (assume annual interest payments at the end of the year). How much will you have at the end of this investment period?
The answer is __$70,894____.

5. You want $750,000 to upgrade your store in 12 years. The treasurer wants to make equal payments at the end of each year into a fund for the purpose of accumulating this amount. If the fund can earn an effective annual return of 6 percent,…...

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