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There are many issues in America today such as violence, drugs, teenage pregnancy that is on a rise. There is also abortion which is what I chose to write about today due to the fact that it has been such a controversial and important issue of my generation although it has been an ongoing issue for centuries going back to 2600 B.C when the first recipe for an abortion producing drug. Since the 19th century English common law forbade abortion. Abortion prior to quickening (feeling life) was a misdemeanor and a felony after that. In the early 1800s it was discovered that human life did not begin when she “felt life” but at fertilization. In 1869 the British Parliament passed the “Offenses Against the Persons Act” Eliminating the bifid punishment and dropping the felony punishment back to fertilization, so across the middle years of the 19th century each state passed their own laws against abortion. In 1967 the first two states to legalize abortion was Colorado and California and by June 1970 New York passed the first abortion on demand law with a 24 week limit it became the 16th state to allow abortion while the other states were still very restrictive and only allowing abortions for pregnancies due to rape, incest, life of the mother or severe fetal handicap.

Abortion seems to be the importance of my generation because there are so many young girls getting pregnant and trying to take the easy way out by having an abortion but little do they know that, that coward way out is sometimes more painful and more risky then actually giving birth and that complications rates of abortion increase with younger teenage women, younger women who carry their baby to term have better births then older women if they get proper care. I don’t believe these girls/women are fully aware of the dangers this can impose on their mind, body, and spirit. Statistics show that one in four of…...

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