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The first part that I will be addressing will be cost. Cost is the first thing a business starts with how much. As preventive maintenance relates to a company’s goals. The first thing that the program brings to the table is that it gives a business the ability to us the available maintenance resources for maximum benefit. Problems like this comes in a huge way from reducing the number of failures a company makes which helps keeps low cost minimization in which the big picture is what the company wants. In the coast breakdown, preventive maintenance program is what helps a business save money and is much better than reactive maintenance that is when you fit it when it breaks and results are in a high repair budget, in my opinion. In my long time in a business which maintenance is a very bug part there are four different maintenance program that companies use reactive, preventive, and productive all of these programs result cost in their own way. Each of the different forms effects costs in their own way proactive is when you monitor and correct the failure at the source. Predictive is when you repair based on the conditions of the equipment. Reactive is when it breaks you fix it .Finally, the end, there is preventive maintenance that usually is a planned repair. The breakdown should show that preventive maintenance has the largest impact on the cost, in the big picture.

The second main point I will be touching on is down time and how it will greatly effects a business without a preventive maintenance program. Down time for any business can have a huge impact some of the significant factors that can result are productivity losses, equipment damage and revenue loo and the biggest factor to me is customer loss. Downtime can cause great effects the whole system from the employee to the customer. Downtime can cause companies to spend large sums of money to keep their…...

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