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Scenerio MKT 113 - Q1243: Prince Sports, Inc.
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Prince Tennis has continually revolutionized tennis with its introduction of new products. Prince uses global marketing to reach its international customer base and the company uses a social media marketing scheme to reach its younger consumers. A partnership with some of the game’s most prominent players is helping Prince Global Sports strengthen its reputation in the tennis market. Prince is using a global marking plan that utilizes social media, player sponsorships, grass root programs, point of purchase programs and print and television ads. Prince should develop a website that reflects the sport of tennis; by using interactive games on their site they could grab the attention of their customers better. The company already employs a good social marketing scheme, but Facebook, Twitter and You Tube could be better used by Prince. The Prince brand could do a better job of reaching out to its customers with more of its own retail stores and possible their own tennis facilities. Prince needs to continue to partner with some of the game’s most prominent players, this will help Prince Global Sports strengthen its reputation and let the global tennis community know that Prince is back in the game. Prince already uses social marketing to reach its younger consumers. The company also uses professional athletes to influence the market. Junior players especially want to use products that they see on television and online. Prince uses its global network to influence the tennis market and help the company create new products. Prince is working hard to marry the needs of performance and solve the contradiction in technology ("Prince Tennis Marketing Video Clip_09." Clip_09. McGraw Hill Education, n.d). Prince has created three specific lines of tennis rackets…...

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...Prince Sporting Inc is a racquet sports company. Their company portfolio of brands includes, Prince which covers tennis, squash, and badminton. Ektelon which covers racquetball, and Viking which covers platform and paddle tennis-related items. Prince's tennis line of product has 150 racquet models, 50 tennis strings and over 50 footwear models. Prince also has countless types of bags, apparel and other accessories. Prince has had success in the 21st century thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and internationally, sites like Hi5, Bebo and Orkut. With new technology, they have been able to create a synthetic gut for strings, natural foot shaped tennis shoe, long and oversized bodied racquets. A bad economy work against the success of Prince sports has it gives customers a limited budget. Competitors also work against Prince sports as it give consumers other options and they may be a cheaper alternative. To aid in growth of the tennis industry, Prince Sports, could hold city tournaments. They could sponsor or donated tennis rackets to a local recreational program to promote playing tennis. They could host junior tournaments, and sponsor a school tennis program.. They also could promote tennis and tennis-related products via web advertisements and make a presences in social media To gain distribution and sales, Prince Sports could focus on circulars which include ads in a Wal-Mart paper and Target paper. They could set up point-of-purchase......

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...Prince Sports Case Study Valerie Bodner Marketing Principles Dr. Awesome October 17, 2015 Abstract This case study explores different marketing techniques utilized by Prince sports. Research is conducted by utilizing marketing concepts retrieved from various publications as well as Prince sports website. Evolution in technology, joint ventures and adoption of different marketing techniques proved to be successful for Prince sports. There was an evolution of marketing all together at the height of Prince sports success with the introduction and adoption of social media in the marketplace. Prince sports ability to adapt and make changes based on consumer feedback showcased their ability as a company to bounce back after hard times and re-energize the brand. Organizations utilize technology in marketing strategies as a way to ensure that they are able capture all audiences. Social media marketing and innovation are essential components that organizations use today. In today’s society, social media is a given as a marketing tool to most companies. It increases more awareness about a brand as well as reaches a broader, more global audience. Successful organizations evolve their product or service to align with market trends and segments. Prince Sports is an example of an established company that has innovated its products, utilized grass roots marketing techniques and social media to target younger......

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