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Product Reassessment: The Traditional Printed Books Decline
Wendy Anderson
Strayer University
Principles of Marketing
August 7, 2013

The Traditional Printed books Decline

The decline of the traditional printed book has become more noticeable since book stores have either closed some locations or closed their doors all together. There are still many people in the United States that know the value of owning and reading the traditional printed book. However, in current times convenience and laziness has become the standard. There are a lot of people that would prefer to carry around light weight technology such as an e-reader that can house a multitude and array of books than carry around a 500 page book or a multitude of said books. The use of e-readers to access e-books has become the wave of the future and the norm in today’s world. However, there are still many avid readers within the population that enjoy the feel and the read of the printed book. It is believed that everyone should have the opportunity to witness the advantages of reading the traditional book and be able to enjoy the experiences that a traditional book can bring to the table. As said before there a lot of people that still enjoy holding a printed book, turning the pages of said books and enjoy reading their genre of reading in the old fashioned way. The youth of America prefer to use electronics more now for educational and recreational purposes because it is easier and more convenient than going to the library. According to research conducted by publishers weekly students are said to retain more information when they read from a printed book rather than an e-book. ("E-books vs. printed," 2012) Also, according to US Census Data, 23.5% of the population in the United States in under the age of 18, so in essence, almost a quarter of the population is of…...

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