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Welcome to the productivity handbook

My use of desktop and search-engine technology is slowly being replaced by the use of apps that provide me with information, storage, and answers relevant to my personal needs. My guess is that while you may not have taken note, you’re using more apps to do more online and increase your productivity.
Apps inside social networks provide answers. Apps inside socialbookmark sites serve up interesting reading. Apps in content-curation tools like Storify provide relevant context for content. Apps on mobile devices, such as Yelp’s, help you find bars and restaurants.
Apps using QR readers give you deeper information on companies and products. Apps are delivering sports scores, movie times, videos and images.
In this guide I'll give you the why and how on a handful of apps that I use every single day to increase my personal productivity and run my business.


John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing

table of contents dropbox // page 6 evernote // page 8 gmail // page 10 stumbleupon // page 12 instagram // page 14 pinterest // page 16 delicious // page 18 about the author // page 20

Dropbox isn’t the new kid on the block and lots of folks speak lovingly about this online file storage service. There’s a free version that may be robust and large enough for most, but I’ve chosen the full meal deal because
I use Dropbox so completely. There are other tools that can do all of what
I’m going to describe, but from a file-handling standpoint, ease of use, and set-up the way I work, Dropbox is killer.



I have a small staff and Dropbox is our internal server. We store everything and collaborate on files just like you would in any server environment. The main difference is that our Dropbox server is in the cloud and we can easily access all files…...

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