Questionnaire on Mobile Ads and Its Effects

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Questionnaire on Customer Attitude towards Mobile Advertising
Personal Details:
Age: O Below 18 Years O 18Years – 30 Years O Above 30 Years
Gender: O Male O Female
Occupation: O Student O Self-Employed O Business O Professional
Highest Qualification O UG O PG O Others.....................(Pls Specify)
Income O Below Rs25000/- Ors 25000/- --Rs50000/- OAbove 50000/-
Please read the following instructions * Clearly understand the following statements and rate accordingly * Details mentioned are strictly confidential and for academic purpose only.
SCALE-1: Strongly disagree; 2: Disagree; 3: Neutral; 4: Agree; 5: Strongly agree (1) (2) (3) (4)(5) 1) I feel comfortable receiving mobile advertisements. O O O O O 2) Mobile advertising is highly accessible. (Anytime, anywhere) O O O O O 3) I feel that getting useful information from mobile advertising saves time. O O O O O 4) It is easy for me to read mobile advertisements. O O O O O 5) I will use mobile advertisements to make purchase whenever possible O O O O O 6) Mobile advertisement should NOT be too boring with its text content. O O O O O 7) Mobile advertisement is one of the source of information O O O O O 8) I feel mobile advertisement offers me timely information. O O O O O 9) How often do you receive ads O O O O O 10) How many SMS you receive per month O 0-5 O 5-10 O 10-15 O15-20 11) Mobile advertisements questions my integrity O O O O O 12) I receive false claims & prizes through SMS O O O O O 13) Mobile Ads are a hindrance while at work O O O O O 14) I trust mobile ads to be…...

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