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This project is based on “BPO INDUSTRY IN INDIA”. Business Process Outsourcing is the delegation of one or more of the business processes to an external provider, which in turn owns, manages and controls the selected processes based on some specific standards. It was started in India in early 1980’s by the British Airways who set-up their captive unit in Delhi.

BPO in India starts with low-end data entry processes, but now it moves up the value chain and deals in core business processes also. Both voice and non-voice BPO Industry exists in India. Various types of services are performed, call centres being the attraction today for the youth.

BPO operates through three types of business models viz. - Transactional, Niche and Comprehensive. Finance and Accounting has also set its significant place in BPO pie.

In 2008, BPO industry generates USD 12.8 Bn revenue, out of which exports revenue was USD 10.9 Bn. It will achieve USD 14.8 Bn by the end of 2009 (expected) and is expected to achieve USD 60 Bn by 2012 and USD 225 Bn by the end of 2020.

Cost competitiveness and talented pool of human resources are the key drivers in the growth of BPO industry, but still some factors such as underdeveloped infrastructure and competition from other low-cost countries are providing challenge to the Indian industry, which needs to be addressed carefully by the cooperation of government, NASSCOM and industry itself.

Still, India is shining in the BPO landscape and is the most attractive destination.



Global Emerging
Management Services

IT Outsourcing service provider, based in Pune, INDIA.

Dedicated full time employees working 24 X 7 to serve the customers.

The Company provides IT services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for a variety of industry verticals…...

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