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Modern Wireless Signals
Earl McCune RF Communications Consulting, 2383 Pruneridge Ave., Santa Clara, CA, 95050, USA
Abstract — With the evolution of wireless systems and services, the on-air signals themselves are also undergoing very significant transformations. This paper provides a survey of the active and coming-soon signal types adopted for wireless systems around the world. Focus is on modulation schemes, along with various measures used to characterize the signals before and after power amplification. Cost-benefit tradeoff information is introduced to provide perspective on this signal evolution.

I. INTRODUCTION As two-way wireless communication becomes ubiquitous from relative obscurity 20 years ago, the signals used have evolved from those which are very simple to now include very complicated and high order modulations. And with economics demanding that older systems are not taken down before newer ones are installed, many of these signals must exist and operate side by side. This demands that the actual radio hardware used in any network infrastructure, as well as that in the mobile, remote, or subscriber devices, must usually be much more general purpose than optimized specifically for one signal type. In the design and test of this radio hardware it is very important to understand the fundamental characteristics of the signal(s) that it must support. With such a wide variety of signals, even the metrics used in their characterization are not uniform in type and application. To address these issues this paper is organized as follows. After this introduction, Section II surveys the major measures used with modern wireless communication signals. Section III then illustrates how these measures are applied (or not) to the signals used in particular systems. Comparisons among these signals, including their relative advantages and disadvantages are…...

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