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Reflection on Myself
As sun rises the water in the river starts providing clear images of all alongside the river owing to sun light reflections falling unto each and every object. The young man sitting on the stone coming out from the river is not an exception to this reflection. Staring down to water – he starts seeing clear reflection of himself on the water surface. He lowers his head trying to look into the eyes of his reflection and see more than what meets the eye.
It is him a charming, attractive and very affectionate with the typical crab protective and sympathetic temperament. Being a person whom nature favored with a sensitive, dreamy but responsive and caring side – he is rather humanitarian, nurturing a person who likes to help solve the problems of others. He seems to be naturally inquisitive and insightful with analytical thought giving him a love of mysterious things and natural detective skills. Strong emotions and a heightened receptiveness to his surroundings allow him easily capitalize on any presented opportunities. At some point he finds himself as a person who might seem a little unfocused but then he cools down himself opposing no he is actually quite centered and bolder than he first appear. With an artistic stylish flair and fine eye for detail and design he is more likely to see home as a place to express himself than anywhere else.
Home sweet home – yes one might consider it as negative feature or weakness, however his main strengths of character are most noticeable in his empathic perceptive responsiveness and intense need to nurture. These prominent favorable traits and his originality, charm and versatility let him get along famously with the majority. Yet his main weakness is ahead – and it is mainly focused on his possible fluctuation in mood. When this negative aspect of his disposition takes place – it can turn as…...

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