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Reflection on My Role as Student Nurse and Future Healthcare Practitioner

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Reflection On My Role As Student And Future Healthcare Practitioner.
The aim of this essay is to reflect on my role as a future health care practitioner and this I will be carrying out by using the Rolfe’s reflective MODEL. According to Wikipedia (Rolfe, 2001) stated that through the Rolfe reflective model, ‘’..a description of the situation is given which then leads into the scrutiny of the situation and the construction of knowledge that has been learnt through the experience.”
As a future learning disability Nurse, I will be looking at the essential skills that are required for me to advance and pass my course as set out by the NMC (2007) Standard for Pre-Registration Nursing Education.
These required essential skills have been identified as reading and research skills, numeracy skills (counting and calculations), writing, oral communication, working with others, critical and analytical thinking, document use, IT and digital technology.This skills I have found in my few months of study at the university to be of great challenge to most student of which I am no exemption. I also will be looking into the challenges faced during the studies and what the challenges are, the impact and the benefits of the skills gained during the studies will be used to evaluate where I am as a student and the areas of improvement will be noted especially in my first year of study.
This essay will be concluded based on my progress so far and concentrating more on the areas needed for improvement in order to be able to achieve my qualification.

In my present training at the University, the essential skills course was one of the most challenging course that I encountered at the beginning of the term. The task to score myself based on my present knowledge of the required skills as well as to undergo some training and development by myself on areas that I was lacking…...

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