Remembering and Forgetting and Their Impacts to Education

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Memory is generally defined as the processes of encoding, storing and retrieving information. These three processes interact with different memory systems. The memory systems that appear to be most important in the educational area are short-term memory, working memory and long-term memory. Memory is thought to begin with the encoding or converting of information into a form that can be stored by the brain. This encoding process is also referred to as registering information in memory. The memory systems that are involved in the encoding or registration of information in memory are sensory memory and short-term memory.
Sensory Memory
Information which first comes to us through our senses is stored for a very short period of time within the sensory register. Simply put, the sensory register is associated with our five senses – seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), doing (kinesthetic), feeling (tactile) and smelling (olfactory). However, the sensory buffers that have received the most attention in the research literature are the visual and auditory sensory registers.
Generally information remains in our visual memory for a very short time, approximately several hundred milliseconds. This information or "image" is somewhat like an exact replica of what we have just seen, and it fades with the passage of time (Pashler and Carrier, 1996).
Short-term Memory
Most of the information that enters into our sensory registers is not processed further. The information that will be processed further is that which we pay attention to; thus attention is thought to regulate the flow of information from the sensory registers to short-term memory (Gaddes & Edgell, 1994).
Information in short-term memory can be held there indefinitely as long as it is rehearsed, and the typical cause for…...

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