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A few tips from FOCUS
A few tips from FOCUS

Renting Advice:
Normal Living Rules:
Some limitations which were agreed to before moving in
2 weeks formal written notice if you are moving
Curfew for noise when living with a number of people
If a homestay, eating with the family and letting them know when you will be home is polite and appropriate
Unacceptable Living Rules:
Limited access to electricity
Unreasonable access to bathroom <30 minutes and laundry < once a week
Limited access to food and water
It’s definitely not acceptable if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable
REMEMBER: **Between you and your landlord, you need to have a written agreement**

Transport Advice services: International Student Advisers: e-mail
Counselling and Health: UCHS, Lincoln Building, level 2
Career Services: Lincoln Building, level 2
Study Skills Support Unit: more info on uni website

FOCUS contacts:

Australian Slang Definitions: G’day Mate - HelloRidgy Didge - RealBudgy Smugglers - Swimming suit Fair Dinkum -Are you sure?Sheila - Real Banana Bender - A person from QLDBloke - ManAnkle Biter - ChildArvo - AfternoonAmbo - AmbulanceBack of Bourke - Far awayMate - Friend Bikkie - Biscuit Thongs - Flip Flop shoes (slippers) | Bloody - A way to show strong emotionFair Go - Give me a chance Gobsmacked - Speechless and Surprised Dunny - Toilet Bludger - Lazy person Hooroo -…...

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