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CSC 115-___

Lab Assignment 1 (E-mail) Fall 2012
Due In Class or via email 8/29/12

Create a NEW email account using any FREE email ISP such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. Your new email account should contain portions of your last name, first name, and course section.

For example, using Ms. Sandra King in CSC 115-04, her created email address should be or If the first account name has been used by someone else, change or switch some words around and try again.

Please note that several attempts may be required before you can get a unique email address. Since the ISP provides you a FREE email account, the disk space may be limited.

Compose and write an error free and grammar sound 1.5 – 2 page essay on “The effect of the recession on HBCUs”. Your paper must be original and of substance and your last paragraph must be conclusions or inferences that you deduced from your previous paragraphs.


You must submit the following:

a. Email a copy of your paper to your JSU email account.
b. A hard copy showing that you created a new free email account and your jsu email account by logging into your jsu email account and opening the email that you sent from the new free email account. Print that email. It should show both accounts in the printout. If you decide to submit this to me by email, you will have to use the print screen key to copy and paste it to a word document and send it that way.
c. CC your free email account so that you will have a copy on record
d. A printed copy of your paper

If submitting by email, I should only receive 1 email. In that email should be 2 attachments: the hard copy obtained by using the print…...

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