Rescuing Children, Whose Responsibility?

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Rescuing Children, Whose Responsibility?
Children are one of the most important public priorities because they are the future of any society. If a government wants to improve its country, it should care more for its children. “The quality of our shared economic and democratic future relies on providing all children the opportunity to reach their full potential (All Children Should Be given the Opportunity to Succeed). Many children in many places over the world suffer from various problems. Child labor, poverty, military use of children, internet child pornography, child prostitution, lack of access to education, lack of health care, in addition to many other problems, are the most serious problems that face many children all over the world ("Top 10 Terrible Issues). “It is the responsibility of the government to keep them safe from criminal like Joseph Kony, a man in Uganda who steals children from their homes, and forces girls to become sex slaves, and the boys to become soldiers in his army” (Philipp). Children in Egypt suffer a lot from many problems like being homeless. Rescuing them is not only the responsibility of governments, but it is the responsibility of every adult.
Street children issue has become a very serious problem that faces Egypt nowadays. Street children are children who call the streets their home (A New Approach). The number of street children in Egypt is estimated to be between 150,000 and 2,000,000, which is a very huge number (Ammar). “A UNICEF study (2005) identifies three forms of existence for street children in Egypt: Some children fit the stereotypical depiction of street children who have completely abandoned their homes and have taken the street as their sole sleeping space; some visit their family occasionally; and a lesser percentage visits family…...

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