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RESEARCH ON ADOLESCENT DRUG ABUSE NIH GUIDE, Volume 25, Number 37, November 1, 1996 PA NUMBER: PA-97-005 P.T. 34, AA Keywords: Drugs/Drug Abuse

National Institute on Drug Abuse PURPOSE The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) is firmly committed to support of research in the area of adolescent drug abuse. The purpose of this program announcement (PA) is to encourage further investigations in this area, particularly with regard to gaps in current knowledge. HEALTHY PEOPLE 2000 The Public Health Service (PHS) is committed to achieving the health promotion and disease prevention objectives of "Healthy People 2000," a PHS-led national activity for setting priority areas. This PA, Research on Adolescent Drug Abuse, is related to the priority area of alcohol and other drugs. Potential applicants may obtain a copy of "Healthy People 2000" (Full Report: Stock No. 017-001-00474-0 or Summary Report: Stock No. 017-001-00473-1) through the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402-9325 (telephone 202-512-1800). ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Applications may be submitted by foreign and domestic, for-profit and non-profit organizations, public and private, such as universities, colleges, hospitals, laboratories, units of State and local governments, and eligible agencies of the Federal government. Racial/ethnic minority individuals, women, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply as principal investigators.…...

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...Substance Abuse and Psychosis in Adolescents Over the past several decades, the U.S. population has grown significantly and continues to do so at a rapid pace. The most recent U.S. Census Bureau figures estimate that the population in the United States is currently nearing 304,800,000. Of this tremendous number, approximately one quarter are children under that age of eighteen years and over 40 million are adolescents (U.S. Census Bureau, 2001a). For the purpose of this examination, we will define adolescents as individuals between the ages of ten and eighteen years, although it is important to keep in mind that there are many different definitions and understandings of adolescents, most of which are not as directly related to chronological age (Santrock, 2001). Adolescents are a very special population because these are often the years in which childhood and adulthood become blurred, roles, expectations and needs change, as well as significant physical and psychological growth. As we also know, experimentation is often characteristic of adolescence and this experimentation can be physical, sexual or philosophical; all of which may possibly lead to drug use. This paper seeks to examine the question of whether or not drug abuse is related to psychosis in adolescents. Literature Review Adolescent Drug Use According to a national study in 2006, over 60 percent of reported that drugs were used, kept and sold on their school campuses on a regular basis. ...

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...Analysis Paper 3: Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Belinda D. Hicks Liberty University Abstract This paper offers a perspective on adolescent alcohol and drug abuse by focusing on identifying common predictors of adolescent drug, and alcohol. Alcohol and other drug use among adolescents has been a public problem for decades. However, it seems that the problem is increasing more every year. Although, some adolescents make it through these years with, on balance, more positive experiences, but as the writer indicated more negative experiences of alcohol and drugs are on the rise. Substance abuse can lead to serious problems such as poor schoolwork, loss of friends, problems at home, and lasting legal problems. Alcohol and drug abuse is a leading cause of teen death or injury related to car crashes, suicides, violence, and drowning. Adolescences experience tragic consequences and others develop chronic problems of abuse and dependence. The broad developmental themes during adolescence and the transition to young adulthood, heavy drinking and drug use increases during the transition from junior high to high school and has to potential to extend to college. The majority of young people make it through. There will also be a discussion on how the family- peers and individual characteristics/variables are correlated with drug and alcohol abuse in adolescence. There will also be review connections between each system risk factor......

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...DRUG ABUSE The excessive and unregulated use of drugs which is popularly called drug abuse or drug addiction has emerged as a major social problem recently and has crossed the border of caste, class, creed, sex and nation. It is like curse for developing country like India as it has already existing problems like poverty, unemployment and overpopulation. Drug abuse affects individuals, their families and the society as a whole. Drug abuse often leads to crime as a result of reduced impulse control, paranoia and negligence. Thus, affects the law and order, economic production and human welfare. Drug abuse implies physical dependence upon a drug including the development of tolerance and withdrawal. An addict who develops tolerance requires more and more of the drug to transport him to the world of fantasies. If the addict is not allowed to take the drug he suffers from painful and uncontrollable convulsions, vomiting, depression and various other maladies. If one looks at the causes of the spread of this evil, the changes in the traditional pattern of society emerge as the major one. Rapid industrialization and urbanization have ushered in a new way of life with new values like individualism and permissiveness. This has resulted in loosening of informal means of social control, for example, influences of conventional sophistication but have low frustration tolerance. The stresses and strains of modern life with resulting frustration and depression give rise of escapist......

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...Drug abuse is the use of drugs, or the abuse of over the counter drugs as well as the drugs. Marijuana is the most common abused drug in America today, people would use this plant to simulate their brain cells, in other words to get 'high'. My opinion among drug abuse is that using drugs for non medical reason is stupendous. Abusing drugs could cause harm to someone and and the others around them. Using drugs could harm ones body, and the way that the brain functions, it will cause them to become lazier and they would participate less in outside activities. The people who smoke who have smoked marijuana would most likely say that it gave them a nice feeling, others who have only experienced it once would say they were scared, the drug is not so strong, it is still quite effective to the human brain. Drug abuse is a common topic today, some people are for drug abuse others are against. A lot of people would not understand why so many people in American today become so addicted to drugs so easily. Sometimes drug abusers, take drugs that affects the brains, and the drug causes the brain to make it harder to quit the drug even when a person has already quit smoking. Most Drugs contain chemicals that travels to the brain and messes with the nerve cells, and it also makes it more difficult for the brain to process the information that is given to them. Some drugs have a similar way to cause disruption to the brain, they all mess with the receptor and nerve cells, and they would...

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...Substance abuse is considered a maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress as manifested in a twelve month period by at least one of four criteria: (1) recurrent substance use resulting in failure to fulfill major obligations at work, school or home (e.g., poor performance at school or work, neglect of children or younger siblings); (2) recurrent substance use in hazardous situations (e.g., driving while intoxicated); (3) recurrent substance-related legal problems (e.g., DUIs); and (4) continued substance use despite having recurrent interpersonal problems related to substance abuse (e.g., arguments with family members about consequences of intoxication) (Sussman, Skara, Ames, 2008). The most commonly abused substances include alcohol, tobacco, and illegal and prescription drugs. Often times, a user will develop an addiction to one of these substances. When an individual abuses a substance or develops an addiction, and require the use of a rehabilitation service, he or she may either be voluntarily or involuntarily admitted, such as through the Department of Corrections or drug courts. Substance abuse treatment has proven to be a successful rehabilitation tool. Empirical evidence has shown that substance abuse treatment is a cost effective method for addressing substance abuse and that treatment is effective in limiting substance abuse, criminal activity, and improving quality of life outcomes for as many as five......

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...individual, from society to a way of life, and from legal to illegal. Drugs become abused whether they are recreational, narcotics or alcohol. When we talk about the misuse of substances and how they are used for the wrong reason without regulations that put the person at risk without taking that into account. It is like gambling when an individual use recreational drugs or abuse narcotics. If these ventures were taken into account the amount of damage to themselves, I am sure they would put a limit to it. The issue of narcotics has been around since 5000 B.C. Teenage drug abuse is an issue that can result from a wide variety of social influences, stressful events, and mental disorders. Drug abuse among adolescents is a troubling issue because it decreases focus, increases the chance of consistency in behavior during adulthood, increases the chances of developing emotional issues, permanently damages the brain, and damages tissues in every system that can lead to death. The cost of illicit drug use on society is overwhelming. Illicit drug abuse causes higher crime rates; abuse, robbery and murder. In 2004 32% of state prisoners and 26% of federal prisoners said they committed their current offense while under the influence of drugs .Society is forced to pay for incarceration for these prisoners as well as the agencies involved in investigating and trying these inmates in court. Government agencies such as DEA, FBI, and Drug Enforcement agencies are at the forefront on the......

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...Substance abuse refers to the pattern of continued use, despite adverse consequence. Socio-cultural determinants of substance abuse of substance use imply to social factors that affect the outcome of drug abuse. The group characteristic determines social cultural determinants, and the general beliefs in history of the set community. For instance, smoking was considered fashionable in the early times. Currently, it is prohibited in some communities. The alienations of individuals in new environment trigger people to abuse drugs. Emerging adulthood has been a significant contributor to drug abuse widespread. The youths gain freedom during the transition stage of adolescence to adulthood hence they abuse the drugs without fear of the parents. The exposure to colleges where there is so much freedom and culture of excessive drinking is continuously contributing to widespread use. Students abuse drugs while trying to cope with up with the new environments of studies and trying to fit the new social settings. The significant direct cost is arising from substance abuse results from health care. According to (J Rehm et. al, 2006) “The cost of acute care and psychiatric hospitalization, specialized inpatient treatment, ambulatory care and doctor’s fees, visits to a family doctor and drugs prescribed to treat a substance abuse problem.”9(p.5).Absolute proportional cost is spend according to the attributable ratio. Law enforcement cause of direct cost arising from substance abuse.......

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...The result of drug abuse among the African American society is embarrassing and degrades our race as a whole. Drug and alcohol addiction has continuously been one of our society’s most complex and ongoing problems, which targets mostly the black community. Substance abuse is not appealing especially to African American because they are more dependent for care and treatment. In the African American society today major problems that affect our community are increasing in rates because of drug abusers. However, the inferior impact on our race that it causes and the consequences it creates. Cultural biases and the constant emphasis on typical American values and lifestyles may contribute to drug abuse within the African American community. The psychological well being of African Americans today is consistently disagreeing with the constant reminder of their place in society. The inferior place is of course the place in which many African Americans allow themselves to be put in. Experts on drug abuse disorders agree that poverty and other socioeconomic factors have a great impact on the rise of drug abuse in the African American community (Britt 8). These common mistaken ideas by experts have a great impact on the way African Americans view themselves. Rather than suggesting to that, the several socioeconomic factors are the cause of drug abuse from an outsider point of view. Experts should do their research from within the black community. Research in substance abuse often does......

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...What Is Drug Addiction? Drug addiction is a chronic, often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the drug addict and those around them. Drug addiction is a brain disease because the abuse of drugs leads to changes in the structure and function of the brain. Although it is true that for most people the initial decision to take drugs is voluntary, over time the changes in the brain caused by repeated drug abuse can affect a person's self-control and ability to make sound decisions, and at the same time create an intense impulse to take drugs. Signs of Substance Use - Topic Overview Signs of Substance Use Guide * Topic Overview * Health Tools * Related Information * Credits The following are some obvious signs that a person may be smokingcigarettes, drinking alcohol, or using other substances. This is not a complete list of signs to look for. If you suspect a particular drug or drugs, get more information on signs of use for those substances. For more information, see Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Cigarettes * A distinctive smell on the breath and clothing * Cigarettes and lighter in his or her possession * Cigarette butts outside a bedroom window or in other odd places around the home Alcohol * Alcoholic beverages missing from the home storage cabinet * Alcohol or mouthwash (used to cover up alcohol) breath orhangover symptoms (nausea, vomiting, or headache), if recently......

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...History of, and Treatments for Adolescent Substance Abuse Substance abuse is no stranger to today’s society. In fact, substance abuse has been an issue for many, many years now. A somewhat recent issue with substance abuse is that adolescents are becoming more involved. Teenagers, in particular, are more vulnerable to experiment with drugs and alcohol. With adolescents being introduced to such harmful substances it can lead to many problems. Not only does substance abuse pose issues with social problems, it also poses issues with educational issues, and it may even lead to death. While there are many problems with adolescent substance abuse, there are ways to solve this prevailing issue. Toddlers and young children are completely dependent on their parents while teenagers are going through different phases in which they are trying to transition into adulthood. Often detrimental stimuli are being introduced and adolescents are more prone to be susceptible to give in peer pressure because the judging process within the brain is not fully developed. (Kirst-Ashman, 2013). With this being said, the actions of teenagers are mainly based on the people that they hang out with. Therefore, if teenagers are around other teenagers that are smoking, drinking, or using other substances then they are more likely to try those substances as well. While a teenager’s peers have a lot to do with the actions they take other factors can lead to substance abuse too. Gangs have......

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