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Dalam laporan akhbar harian, saban hari kita sering didedahkan dan disajikan dengan berita kemalangan jalan raya yang menyayatkan hati sama ada di dada akhbar mahupun di kaca televisyen. Walaupun OPS Sikap XIII sempena Aidilfitri baru-baru ini berjaya mengurangkan kes kemalangan maut daripada 213 kes kepada 203 kes, namun statistik masih menunjukkan bahawa kemalangan keseluruhan pada tahun ini meningkat sebanyak lima peratus berbanding tahun lalu. Statistik juga menunjukkan satu per empat kemalangan yang terjadi di Malaysia ialah kemalangan yang melibatkan kenderaan berat dengan lori menyumbang 18.1 % dan bas menyumbang 2.3 % daripada keseluruhan jumlah kemalangan di Malaysia. Berikut adalah statistik kemalangan jalan raya bagi tahun 2003 hingga 2007. Tahun | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | Jumlah Kemalangan | 50,864 | 47,080 | 39,716 | 29,258 | 27,645 | Injuri | | | | | | Kemalangan | 37,415 | 33,413 | 25,928 | 15,596 | 13,979 | Ringan | | | | | | Kemalangan | 7,163 | 7,444 | 7,600 | 7,375 | 7,384 | Parah | | | | | | Jumlah | 8,286 | 6,223 | 6,188 | 6,287 | 6,282 | Kematian | | | | | |

Mengikut statistik Ops Sikap Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) daripada tahun 2007 sehingga tahun 2011 pula, jumlah kemalangan meningkat secara mendadak daripada jumlah 14,930 sehingga 17,288 pada musim perayaan. Perangkaan nahas jalan raya pada tahun lepas pula menunjukkan sebanyak 3,693 penunggang dan pembonceng motosikal meninggal dunia dengan jumlah kes kematian paling tinggi berlaku di jalan-jalan Persekutuan, iaitu sebanyak 1,316 kes.

Walaupun pelbagai usaha telah dilakukan oleh banyak pihak untuk mengurangkan kemalangan jalan raya, namun usaha-usaha itu bagaikan sia-sia sahaja. Kita akan membincangkan punca-punca dan kesan-kesan kemalangan jalan raya serta langkah-langkah untuk mengurangkan kemalangan jalan raya.…...

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...Car Accident Articles and Statistics Statistics show that 70% of auto accidents are completely preventable. The driver who causes the accident is simply distracted or irresponsible and is not paying enough attention to the road. The truth is anything can cause you to be distracted from the road; reaching for food or drink, changing the radio station, talking to passengers, texting, or even reading a map or GPS. As a driver, one needs to realize that one has a responsibility to one’s passengers and everyone on the road around oneself to be a safe, observant, and careful driver. In one of my articles, a 19-year-old was driving three 15-year-olds in his car. He was drunk and he was involved in a one car accident. Because of this, one of his passengers died. This accident was completely preventable. If the driver had been more responsible, he would have not driven while intoxicated or have even consumed alcohol in the first place. On April 12th, 2011, a 23-year-old was traveling at least 100 mph before he crashed. This driver was on a motorcycle and died from the accident. This could have been prevented if the motorcyclist would have just reduced his speeds to a safer one. The driver could have saved his own life if he had just slowed down a bit. In another article, a man was standing in the street trying to get a good look at a shuttle launch. This man was 70-years-old and died hours after the crash. The man should have not been standing in the street, but drivers......

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...The Accident I woke up in a very strange place. A place I wasn’t quite familiar with. My left arm and left leg wrapped in some kind of brace. I’m familiar with the sporting braces, but this one, was a whole lot different. It had the same fabrics as a regular sporting brace, but much thicker. It was as hard as wooden table. It even sounded like one when I knocked on it. Because of the braces on me, I could barely move my left arm or left leg. After trying to move it, I felt a lot of pain in the process. Everything was so shocking to me. I kept saying to myself, “Where am I? “Where am I? “Where am I? As these questions rushed through my mind, I heard a voice. I looked around the room in search of the voice. On my right, there was a man. He said to me, “What’s wrong Larry”? “You had bad dream or something”? I did not reply. I closed my eyes and started to pray to God. Praying for everything that I just saw was all a dream. With my head against my right hand, everything got quite for a bit. About a minute or two later, I opened my eyes. The braces and the pain were still there. The gentleman kept calling me, “Larry”. He was talking, but I paid no attention. I kept thinking why he was calling me “Larry”. “Who are you”? “And why are you calling me Larry”? I said. He replied saying, “Because it’s your name.” “And I’m Gary, if you forgot that.” I kept looking at him and notice that he wasn’t wearing any of the equipments I was wearing. He had something else. Some kind of......

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مسلسل قلب العدالة | Jason Clarke | The Simpsons Season 10