Role of the Internet in Job Seeking

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to critically analyse the roles of the internet in the job searching industry. It also outlines how the internet has significantly changed the relationship between employer and employees, providing a faster and more effective medium of job selection and recruitment. The two companies analysed in this report are SEEK and Jobfind Centres Australia.

The key findings to this report shows how internet has changed traditional methods of job searching into a more dynamic and efficient way of searching and applying for jobs. Traditional methods of job searching include handing in countless paper resumes, looking in newspapers, and referrals from friends and family; all in which can take up time and effort. The online job searching industry also lets employers reach a wider audience with online job advertisements and gives them the opportunity to locate and recruit suitable candidates for vacant positions.

SEEK provides both employers and job seekers with the ability to access and communicate their needs and desires for a job. Online profiles and advertisements help users to easily find the criteria they are after. The free registration for both parties creates an effective communication channel between employers and job seekers to find the right person to fill job vacancies. The pure play of SEEK means that the company can expand its services to countries all over the world at a much lower cost compared to traditional job searching platforms which require head offices in every location. Jobfind Centres Australia has also steered away from the traditional methods of job searching however still retains the face-to-face interaction between employers and job seekers with the addition of a middleman. Job seekers’…...

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