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9Aa Genetic information

The features of an organism are called its characteristics.
Our characteristics are controlled by genetic information. This information
Organisms can be classified in to different species. A species contains individuals with the same physical characteristics and common ancestors. It’s a group of organisms that can reproduce with each other and produce an offspring that will also be able to reproduce.
Organisms of the same species are similar but not identical.
The differences that occur both between different species and within the same species are called variation.
An animal that is the offspring of parents from two different species is called a hybrid, and it is unable to reproduce.
When genetic information are passed on to an organism from its parents the information are said to be inherited.

Most cells have a nucleus, which is a part of the cell that controls it.
The nucleus contains chromosomes which are huge molecules of DNA found inside the nucleus of the cells.
A chromosome consists of a string of genes.
A gene carries an instruction. It’s the section of a chromosome that controls inherited characteristics of an organism and carries genetic information.
Each gene is a length of DNA. DNA is a long coiled molecule which can unzip and copy itself when a cell divides. It also carries the genetic code and makes up the chromosomes.
Sex cells-egg: In female the sex cells are called eggs. Eggs are produced in sex organs called ovaries.
Sex cells-sperm: In males the sex cells are called sperm. Sperm are produced in sex organs called testes.
Sex cells are also called gametes. They contain half the genetic information for a new organism.
The process of fusing a male gamete with a female gamete is called fertilization and the fertilized egg contains information from the father and…...

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