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School Improvement Team: Problem to Address
Rene Rodea
Grand Canyon University EDA-577 Data Driven Decisions for School Improvement
May 14, 2013

School Improvement Team: Problem to Address
The Plan-Do-Study-Act method has certainly become a way to implement change and set procedures for improving student success. The plan component has allowed our team to develop a series of questions that address our student concerns. The tool that is used to improve STAAR testing scores consists of benchmark scores, teacher and student feedback. The step is to provide surveys and review data to achieve desired results. The initial cycle will be implemented during benchmark TAKS testing.
The plan is to involve all staff members in a committee process to improve STAAR testing results. This will require all staff members to get involved in the selection of objectives, goals, and collaborative decision-making process. The goal is to increase STAAR testing scores by developing a collaborative team to utilize innovative ways to motivate students and improve student success.
These procedures will increase the role of community members in becoming a key component in improving STAAR testing results and improve student learning by selecting and rating qualified teachers. Our campus will also establish a site-based committee to provide key information and implement a plan with outlined procedures to improve student learning.
The steps required to execute our plan will hold open discussions with community stakeholders, superintendents, staff members and inform them of steps required to improve STAAR results. The second step will allow STAAR results to get reviewed by teachers, stakeholders, community members and committee members to have a better understanding of testing scores. Step three will provide regular meeting with community directors and inform them of changes…...

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